אור שלום
אור שלום

Beit Goldschmidt

Orr Shalom operates a closed post-hospital boarding school for a dozen girls, aged 11-15, who suffer extreme behavioral problems as a result of severe and traumatic abuse.

These girls are in a fragile emotional state. The traumatic experiences they have undergone make it difficult for them to cope with daily tasks such as maintaining positive relationships, taking responsibility, and discerning the boundaries between good and bad. As a result, they often get themselves into extreme and precarious situations. Just to make it through a routine day is a great achievement for them. Dealing with change or the unfamiliar is nearly impossible.

Beit Goldschmidt has an extensive support team including a director and professional caregivers: A social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, art therapist, a home mother, coordinators, counselors and female National Service volunteers. Together, they provide the girls with a stable, loving and supportive environment, where they receive intensive therapy to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery. The program is designed to help the girls become emotionally .stable enough to eventually be integrated into a less intensive and more normative framework

At Beit Goldschmidt, the girls have the opportunity to be part of a warm, intimate and family like atmosphere with high visibility of the girls. The professional staff is focused and committed to rebuilding the girls’ faith in people and receiving the best tools for success in life.

“I arrived at Beit Goldschmidt – my first impression was that it was a beautiful place – to improve my behavior. At first, I had a very hard time understanding and believing that the team wanted what was best for me. They kept trying to tell me I could do it. I didn’t make it easy on them. Thanks to them, I was able to learn. It wasn’t easy, but I learned.

In the first year, I remember it was very hard for me to believe that people would return. Every day I would stand in front of the door and try to block Anat from leaving because I was afraid she wouldn’t come back. She told me she was going and would come back, but I still had a hard time believing her. Day after day I tried to stop her until one day I understood that I could trust her.

I learned something else very important at Beit Goldschmidt: that life is like a spiral and that however you approach it you can always get to the same point. That concept makes me believe that I can make it and, even when it’s hard for me, I don’t have to give up everything.”

Become Group Home Parents:
If being parents in a Family Group Home for children at risk sounds challenging and meaningful.
If you are prepared to give and contain.
If you want to be part of this meaningful work, please send your CV to Tali Gefen talig2@orr-shalom.co.il

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