Therapeutic Family Group Homes

What We Do

The Orr Shalom therapeutic family group home provides a warm and supportive family setting for children and teens removed from their parents and their homes. The group homes are run by couples who live there together with their biological children, and they provide the children with an anchor, an environment that nurtures personal growth and provides love in a normative and value-oriented family framework. The children are surrounded by professionals who provide them with therapeutic, emotional and educational assistance throughout their stay at the group home.Today, Orr Shalom operates 21 therapeutic family group homes, spread throughout the country, offering targeted care that is tailored to the specific needs of children such as: homes specializing in the care of abused girls, dedicated homes in Jerusalem for ultra-Orthodox girls and others for multiple siblings. Each group home houses 8-12 children, aged 6-18. Each child has had different life experiences, but what they all have in common is that they just need someone to believe in them.

How it Works

For a child to regain their strength and function appropriately according to their age and life circumstances, we must first restore their ability to trust parental figures and feel a sense of belonging to their new family setting. Our therapeutic family group homes provide a healthy and normal routine for children, and additional support is provided by Orr Shalom professional teams that include a home manager, social worker, psychologist, private tutor, instructors and National Service volunteers.

Our Goals:

  • Provide the children with safety, protection and a positive experience
  • Enable them to have continuous contact with their biological families
  • Give them the tools they need to build a good life for themselves
  • To feel a sense of belonging and equality children need to be part of the community in which they live. Therefore, Orr Shalom children are raised in well-established neighborhoods, participate in youth movements, go out with their friends, participate in enrichment programs and activities, and are encouraged to volunteer in places like Magen David Adom, the fire department, the Civil Guard, and more.

For more information, contact us at: meonot@orr-shalom.co.il

Graduate Quotes

“When I look back and remember the boy I was when I first arrived at the Orr Shalom group home – the hours and days I spent with my house parents, people at the home and the psychologist – the upheaval I made is almost unimaginable. It is very clear that the amazing Orr Shalom team was key to my success.”

“… I want to thank you on behalf of myself and all the other Orr Shalom children who were able to make breakthrough changes in their lives and grow up to be responsible and independent adults because of all you did for us. From a child’s point of view – and now as an adult – I understand how much effort, patience, unconditional love and care you invested and I cherish and appreciate your work – Yashir koach!”

House Parent Quotes

“Each of us has their own reasons for choosing this challenging path, however, the result is always the same – we get to see how children who came to us broken begin to smile, flourish, hope and dream.”

“Despite all the challenges and crises we experience in the family framework we have created, the hardest part is saying goodbye to the children as they end their time with us. Letting them go out to the world on their own is the hardest thing for me.”

“We get a lot of support and assistance from everyone who see our work. What people don’t always get is that all the giving and effort we invest is a drop in the sea compared to what we get in return. To look into the eyes of a child who only a few months or years ago didn’t even know about my existence, and to see the trust he gives me – despite everything he went through – is the essence of happiness for me. It fills me with love and hope, and it’s all worth it. ”

Become Group Home Parents:
If being parents in a Family Group Home for children at risk sounds challenging and meaningful.
If you are prepared to give and contain.
If you want to be part of this meaningful work, please send your CV to Tali Gefen talig2@orr-shalom.co.il

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