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Tali Halaf

Executive Director

Roie Troyaner

VP of Finance and Operations

Rina Edelstein

VP of External Affairs

Yair Medallion

VP of Development

Stacey Yehoshua

Chief Psychologist

Ronit Adler

 Director of Foster Care

Tali Gefen

Director of Therapeutic Family Group Homes

Liron Levi Hershkovitz

Director of Orr Shalom’s Graduate Program

Keren Haroush

 Director of Human Resources

Michal Milo

VP of Human Capital

Roie Troyaner
VP of Finance and Operations

Roie joined Orr Shalom in September 2020, and brought with him deep professional experience in accounting and operations in the non-profit sector and beyond.
In his past roles, Roie served as the Chief Finance officer for Kibbutz Afikim, and as Chief Finance Officer of the National Israeli Scouts movement,
both positions in which he led significant organization-wide financial changes.

Tali Halaf

Tali, a social worker - psychotherapist, has served as Orr Shalom’s CEO since August 2017. Tali has been
with Orr Shalom since 2004, having served in several managerial positions, including Director of Foster Care
and Vice President. Tali is the senior organizational authority for Orr Shalom’s professional and supervisory work throughout
the different organization frameworks, with responsibility for pooling and integrating knowledge and resources.
Tali was one of the founders of the Foster Care Service that was privatized in 2001, and was a partner in the enactment of
the Foster Care Law in 2016.
Tali serves as a director on the board of directors of The Israeli Public Forum for Youth Villages, Boarding Schools and
Foster Care. She is a member of the board of directors of the Association for the Advancement of Children in
Boarding Schools and a representative of third sector organizations in the YATED forum.
Tali holds a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from Bar Ilan University and she is a graduate of psychotherapy
from the Megid Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with a specialization in children and youth.

Rina Edelstein
VP, External Affairs

Rina is the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Orr Shalom.   In this role, she manages a team of fundraisers and marketing/communication experts that are tasked with increasing visibility and resources for the organization. 
Rina joined Orr Shalom following an extensive career in the non-profit sector both in Israel and the United States and a stint in the Israeli high tech sector.  Most recently, she served as the VP of Partnerships for an Israeli startup in the HR tech sector.   Prior to that, Rina managed a team of program and mission professionals as the AVP of Global Programs for the Jewish Federations of North America. 
Her non-profit career began at the JDC where she spent 18 years in various roles, the last role as the Director of Donor Relations.   In the course of her work, she traveled extensively throughout the Former Soviet Union with donors and met frequently with community leaders and official government representatives.
Prior to joining JDC, Rina served with the Israeli Consulate in New York.  Rina was born in New York and has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has a Masters degree in Comparative Government from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Rina lives in Jerusalem with her three children.

Yair Medallion
VP, Development

Yair serves as Vice President of Development for Orr Shalom.
In this role, Yair is responsible for developing innovative programs
and solutions in the organization, building collaboration with other
organizations and within Orr Shalom in the areas of research,
evaluation and measurement.

In his previous position at Orr Shalom, Yair established and directed
the field of alumni and adolescents, which gives a significant response
to the needs of the organization's graduates and prepares the
adolescents for the conclusion of placement in formal frameworks
and their transition into independent living. Yair currently
chairs the Young Adult’s Forum, which includes more than
20 organizations operating in the field of youth at risk.

Yair came to Orr Shalom following various management and
treatment positions in social organizations, including running a
national program at Appleseeds Academy, prior to which he
worked in Youth Protection Services as Director of Emergency
Accommodations for youth and at the Elem organization.

Yair holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Tel Aviv University,
and a Master's Degree in Organizational Consulting from
Bar Ilan University.

Yair is a graduate of the third cycle of Looking Ahead, a JDC-Israel program for developing senior
leadership in the welfare and social services fields.

Stacey Yehoshua
Chief Psychologist

Stacey is a member of Orr Shalom’s Senior Management.
She is an expert Clinical Psychologist and Certified Counselor
who has a private practice and specializes in at-risk children
with emotional damage, treatment of victims of sexual assault,
and the treatment of people suffering from borderline personality
disorder as well as other fields.

Stacey directs a team of sixteen clinical psychology interns,
five clinical psychologists specialists, eight senior clinical
psychologists/mentors and two art therapists.

Ronit Adler
Director of Foster Care

Ronit, a social worker for 25 years, is a certified therapist for children,
couples and families. She has a rich background in working with parents,
children and teens at risk.

She has been involved with foster care for the past 18 years
in various rolls such as: a foster supervisor, a cluster manager,
and branch manager. In September 2014, Ronit became
Director of foster care services in the Orr Shalom Center.

Over the years, Ronit coordinated significant areas for Orr Shalom's
foster care services, including training courses for foster families,
placement and testing, student supervision and more.

Ronit is committed to the vision of finding a permanent home
for at-risk children, providing them with high-quality
services and appropriate and professional responses at all times.

Tali Gefen
Director of Therapeutic Family Group Homes

Tali, a social worker of 22 years, has a master's degree in social work.
Tali began working in Orr Shalom in 2000 as a social worker in a
Therapeutic Family Group Home for girls at-risk and then as the cluster
director for Mevassaret Zion and Holon. In 2014, Tali was
appointed director of the Therapeutic Family Group Homes program.

She has become specialized in caring for children and youth at-risk,
treating victims of trauma and sexual trauma.

Tali is committed to developing the community care family
model and believes that it is the best out-of-home placement
solution for children and youth removed from their homes.
This solution provides children with a practical model of family
and prepares them for family and community life in adulthood.

Liron Levi Hershkovitz
Director of Orr Shalom’s Graduate Program

Liron joined Orr Shalom in 2012 as a Social Work student, then serving as a foster care supervisor in the Therapeutic Foster Care program for six years. Liron then became part of the Graduate Program's professional team, starting as the Jerusalem regional coordinator, advancing to a team leader, and currently holding the position of Program Director.

In her current capacity, Liron is committed to advancing the social mobility and mental well-being of young adult graduates from out-of-home placement. She contributes to the ongoing development and expansion of the program, which now provides support to nearly 400 teenagers and young adults residing in communities and graduate transitional apartments nationwide.

Liron holds a B.A. in Cinema from Sapir College and an M.A. degree in social work from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She brings additional expertise to her role as a graduate of the Magid Institute's Group Facilitation program and as a fellow in the Mandel Youth Leadership Program.

Under Liron's guidance, Orr Shalom's Graduate Program continues to thrive, offering vital support and opportunities for growth to young adults making the challenging transition from out-of-home placement to independent living. Her multifaceted background and commitment to social well-being make her an instrumental leader within the organization.

Liron is married and the mother of three children, and resides in Jerusalem.

Michal Milo
VP of Human Capital

Michal assumed the role of Vice President of Human Capital at Orr Shalom in April 2023. In her capacity, she spearheads the establishment of an extensive department that comprehensively addresses all aspects of human capital development. She serves as a strategic partner in human resource matters, overseeing cross-organizational processes encompassing personnel issues, job definitions, skill development, and the provision of tools tailored for optimal performance in an ever-evolving work environment.

Her responsibilities extend to staff recruiting and retention, where she places a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness within the organization. Michal is dedicated to developing management skills and, in the imminent future, will take charge of establishing and managing a framework for volunteers.

Michal gained managerial expertise from her previous position in the Perach organization, a prominent student-child mentoring program, and approximately 15 years of experience in the public sector, in the fields of organizational consulting, human capital management, training, and excellence

Become Group Home Parents:
If being parents in a Family Group Home for children at risk sounds challenging and meaningful.
If you are prepared to give and contain.
If you want to be part of this meaningful work, please send your CV to Tali Gefen talig2@orr-shalom.co.il

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